High Sierra is being released today. It includes APFS — a major file system change. My advise is to either 1) wait for a few days (or until 10.13.1), or 2) if you just can’t bring yourself to hold off, double down on making sure you have a good backup first. #PSA

Here’s an update on my backup situation (because I know you’re dying to know):

For my primary machine, I’ve settled on Backblaze to replace CrashPlan. Although I don’t have 100% confidence in Backblaze yet, it’s a secondary backup to Time Machine for me. And most importantly, the price is right (because like taxes and insurance, the goal is to spend as little as possible on this). I’ve determined that 1TB is the cost threshold for Backblaze — less than 1TB and it’s cheaper to pay per GB.

For all of the other machines I’m responsible for, I had decided on the combination of Duplicati with Backblaze B2 for storage. Duplicati mimicks the features of CrashPlan (mainly I wanted deduplication) and B2 is only $0.005 per GB per month. For the machines with < 100GB of data, it’s been going well.

On my mom’s machine however, which has about 600GB of data, Duplicati has been having issues. Lots of errors and warnings about data inconsistency. So, I’ve gone back to CrashPlan on that machine for the time being. (Plus, for some reason, her CrashPlan archive has 800GB of stored data — a 200GB discrepancy. That’s probably all legitimately deleted files that are being retained in the backup, but I don’t know for sure.)

One nice thing about Duplicati is that you can use nearly any storage backend — including basic stuff like S/FTP, SSH, etc., so I haven’t ruled out the computer-to-computer option: seeding my mom’s backup to a hard drive locally to get it done quickly, then bringing the drive over to my house and let her computer back up over SFTP via my Macbook. We’ll see.

And why am I going to all this trouble, you ask? Because of the 3-2-1 rule. I follow it and you should, too! #PSA

Everyone knows to replace your door locks and toilet seats when you move, but when’s the last time you replaced your sink aerators? This one’s not so bad, but most of them I’ve replaced have been pretty nasty. #PSA #domesticated