I now have a DVR. Bad news: An extra $6 a month. Good news: No longer have to sit through endless life insurance, incontinence, and farmersonly.com commercials. #worthit

Bright, crisp start to the new year. No bone-chilling wind or icy precip. Yeah it’s cold, but as wintry weather goes, this is really about as good as it gets. #HappyNewYear

Crowds have picked up dramatically in the past 24 hours. I would assume that’s because of the Peach Bowl. The UCF players and coaches have three whole floors of our hotel. Time to head back to the Arctic Circle.

This guy is not a public transportation kind of guy.

Bumped into Chad Myers in CNN’s weather studio today. Unfortunately it was a no-pictures zone. Chad used to work in Columbus at WSYX (seen at the beginning of this video). Also, our concierge tells me that Don Lemon is staying on our floor at the Omni. No sightings yet. My unscientific research (overhearing conversations) suggests that Don may be unseating Anderson Cooper as the fan favorite. I’ll keep you posted.