Well there’s a word you don’t often see in a mainstream media headline.

Well, I was this close to praising Lensabl for their ease and price, but then I pulled my glasses out of the box. Ordered transitions lenses, got standard sunglass lenses. Is this one of those “you get what your pay for” things, do people just suck at their jobs these days, or do I just have terrible luck? 🤦🏻‍♂️

“All of that is to say that cassette tapes, an audio format we all thought died an ignominious death in the ‘90s, are back, baby. According to Nielsen Music’s sales numbers, the format is having a quiet revolution. Just in 2017, sales for cassette tapes were up by 35% over 2016, with 174,000 new cassettes sold. Which isn’t, like, huge, but for a retro format that’s not vinyl, that’s pretty incredible.” — Julie Muncy

This’ll be one of the shortest-lived revivals, I predict. I grew up with cassettes, and I can say with certainty that they are the devil. I get the nostalgia, and that’s a big part of the vinyl revolution, but you can make the argument that vinyl has superior sound quality. Cassettes are better than other formats at precisely nothing.

Just a normal Saturday night watching some TV while patching work servers. #njwk12