Trump administration supports transition to commercially-focused space station

“‘Basically, the idea of a fully commercially operated facility using the ISS is a pipe dream,’ Logsdon said in a telephone interview Sunday. ‘It’s too big, anyway. And we don’t know what the Russians will or won’t do. They’ve been talking about pulling some of their modules (off) and going off on their own.’

“But that doesn’t mean NASA can’t ‘continue to put enough money in to allow the private sector a few more years to try to see if they can turn a profit doing things at the station,’ Logsdon said. ‘There are people, knowledgable about the station, who think there could be some form of profit-making operation using some portion of the facility.'” — William Harwood

The ISS has done a lot of good, but it has also cost taxpayers a fortune, and it’s currently not doing much to get humans out of Earth’s orbit.