Well, 12 months have passed, so it’s time once again to call up WOW and SiriusXM and threaten to cancel for a better deal. For TV, I really don’t want to go back to streaming, but it looks like they leave me no choice. My TV/internet bill has rocketed up to $170/month.

  • Current: WOW basic digital cable + DVR + 60/5 internet = $170
  • New: Sling Blue + 4 add-on packages + Cloud DVR + WOW 100/10 internet = $100

I really prefer cable TV (gasp!) because I don’t like using my internet bandwidth to watch TV, but cable providers are just not competitive at all for existing customers. The only thing I’m really losing in this deal is the ability to record OTA shows (Carson, basically), but I guess that’ll be my next thing to figure out.