I’ve been dreading it, but I got this site migrated over to Amazon Linux 2. AWS has stated that they’re winding down support for the current version, so my hand is being forced. There’s no way to roll to it, so it takes a good old-fashioned complete rebuild to do it. And the extra fun part is that AWS is now, um, encouraging the use of Nginx and MariaDB instead of Apache and MySQL (apparently for political reasons), so I had to move to those as well. I did want to move to Nginx because it seems to be the new hotness in web server software and apparently performs better than Apache, so that’s all good. The whole thing took about 5 hours. I also took the opportunity to move all of the pictures and videos over to cheaper storage — there’s really no reason to have it all sitting on expensive solid-state drives. Now to peek at the logs and find out what else is broken. #nerdalert

My favorite part of this is the move back to Friday. Broadcasts three days in a row every week was a bit much for viewers to keep up with, especially with Raw being an hour too long. https://t.co/cHrOr7PZWQ RT: @WONF4W: UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that WWE’s deal with Fox is for five years and $205 million per year. https://t.co/ClGqb6msbG https://t.co/OJmeXYhh2t https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/fox-wwe-close-massive-five-year-1-billion-deal-smackdown-1113701

I’ve never been a big fan of flashes. I generally prefer the natural way scenes look to the eye. They can add a nice touch, though, if used correctly. I think I need to find a class specifically on flash photography.

Just incase you need some proof that Ikea sucks at delivering things. And this is only part of the logistical shittery I’ve been dealing with.